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SpectraCoat Electric Powder Coating Oven 5'x5'x8'H

SpectraCoat Electric Powder Coating Oven 5'x5'x8'H

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Dimensions are external measurements, not internal space.

We are making these with 4" high density mineral wool panels surrounded with 20ga galvanized steel to provide the best insulation possible with 4" walls (this is not household insulation often used in lower quality ovens). This model oven is powered by 220v, 60A single phase power and the control box will need its own 110v power circuit. It has three 4000 watt 48" u-bend industrial heating elements made to aid in the circulation of heat providing more consistent temperatures throughout the oven. Our industrial oven elements will also have a longer life that ovens using elements from a household oven. All of our ovens have a 14ga galvanized floor to provide a smooth transition when using a rolling rack in your oven.

Our oven control box is designed to make it easier on the end user by using the auto tuning feature. With this feature all you have to do is hook up the power and turn the oven on and it will automatically set up the PID controller to provide the fastest warm up times while keeping the temperature closer to your setting. We also use solid state relays in all of our control boxes to eliminate moving parts that may fail, while also keeping noise down from the operation of larger contact blocks.

  • 60A 220v single phase power, with 110v for the control box

  • high density mineral wool panels

  • 20ga galvanized steel panels

  • 14ga galvanized steel floor panel

  • Three 4000 watt 48" u-bend industrial heating elements

  • Includes SpectraCoat auto tuning control box

  • Easily replaceable rope seal for the door

  • Approximate warm up times for this oven at 85*F ambient temperature:


Time (Minutes)













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