Powder Buy The Pound has a great reputation of providing customers with custom matches for their projects. For those in the powder coating industry, we understand the needs of your customers and want to help you get that perfect color. We have several different options and degrees of matching to help you get that perfect match for your customers.

 A simple questionnaire allows us to assist you in finding the right choice for your customer’s project. To start the color match process you must first fill out this form --> CCM Form <-- and email it to ccm@powderbuythepound.com. Once we receive your form a representative will contact you and discuss the matching option that is the best for you. We will assign you a CCM# to put with your sample you send us, and we can begin the process of matching your color. PLEASE DO NOT send any physical samples to us before you email us the form and we contact you. Any objects/samples mailed to us without proper authorization will be forfeited and not able to be returned.

 We offer the following color match options:

 1) “On Site Match” Our technicians can see if your color is one we already have on hand and recommend a color that is the closest to one we stock. This option is ideal if you need a powder that does not need to be an exact match. 5-7 business day lead time. This option has a fee of $30 plus the usual powder and material costs.

 2) “Off Site Lab” Our off site lab’s technicians will make a precise match, creating your color from the ground up. Using raw pigments and resins, we will custom craft your powder to your exact specifications. There is a 14-21 business day lead time after we receive your physical item for a sample to be produced and shipped. If approved there will then be a 15-30 business day lead time for the final powder to ship. Order minimums will apply, usually 5lbs but depending on the exact formulation it may rarely be 55lbs. This option has a fee of $120 plus the per pound powder cost which usually runs around $30/pound.