Providing System Solutions Inc emerged as a prominent supplier, catering to the demands of Industrial Sized Powder Coating companies by providing essential parts and high-quality powder. The industrial nature of the powder coating industry predominantly favored bulk sales, leaving smaller companies with limited options when it came to purchasing powder. These smaller enterprises, often requiring only a few pounds of powder, found themselves compelled to buy in large quantities at inflated prices.

Recognizing this gap in the market, Powder Buy The Pound was established in early 2007 to address the specific needs of smaller powder coating companies. Focused on serving entrepreneurs and powder coating shops, Powder Buy The Pound aimed to deliver superior products at competitive prices, allowing smaller businesses to thrive in an industry that traditionally leaned towards bulk transactions.

Over the years, Powder Buy The Pound has evolved its offerings to encompass a diverse range of products and services. In addition to being a reliable source for top-notch powders, we have expanded our catalog to include gun parts, hydro-graphics, custom-built ovens, cutting-edge gun systems, and industry-recognized training programs. Our commitment to quality extends beyond our products to encompass friendly customer service and efficient shipping.

As a proud USA-owned business, Powder Buy The Pound is unwavering in its dedication to providing quality products. Notably, we are a veteran-owned and fully operated enterprise, firmly rooted in the United States, yet our commitment to excellence knows no borders, as we offer worldwide shipping. Powder Buy The Pound remains steadfast in its mission to empower entrepreneurs and smaller powder coating companies by delivering exceptional products and services that meet and exceed industry standards.