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Silicone Flange Pull Plug Assortment Pack

Silicone Flange Pull Plug Assortment Pack

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Silicone Flange Pull Plug 600 °F / 315 °C Assortment Pack

Pack Includes Ten Each of the Six Sizes Shown: M6, M9, M11, M14, M16, And 1/4-20.

Got a weld nut that needs the threads, and the top thread masked off? Place the narrow diameter end through the hole and pull the large diameter end of the plug into the nut, stopping when the flange touches the top thread. To remove after powder coating, painting, anodizing or plating, just pull the plug the rest of the way through using the handle.

When sizing for Silicone flanged pull plugs, look for the major (larger) diameter of the plug to be approximately 2 - 4% larger than the hole when used for powder coating and wet spray, and 3 - 7% larger for applications where the part is immersed in fluid (plating, anodizing, e-coating) to ensure the best seal.

HINT: If the plug is a bit on the large side for the hole, try dipping the plug in water, alcohol, or some other liquid to lubricate it before pulling the plug into place.

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