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RTi Refrigerated Air Dryer - RD0025

RTi Refrigerated Air Dryer - RD0025

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    Refrigerated Dryer Applications: Entire shop/factory application for the elimination of water in compressed air. Must be used in applications where temperatures are above freezing.

    RTi introduces a new line of refrigerated dryers that utilize a new Pulse Technology that offers advantages in terms of energy saving, reliability, and operating costs. This new design matches energy consumption to the work load to achieve energy savings while in operation. Two temperature sensors are placed in the refrigeration and compressed air circuits. The microprocessor then controls the dryer operation, granting the most effective method of compressed air drying. Below are just some of the other advantages refrigerated dryers offer:

    -Enhanced Energy Savings: Advanced drying capacity controlled by pulses or by thermal storage effect. Enhanced energy savings are up to 80% (compared to units using hot gas by-pass dryers).-

    -Easy Installation/Reliable Operation: Dryers are extremely lightweight and compact, saving valuable floor space. The simple refrigeration circuit and careful selection of the materials/components assure a long, trouble-free service life.

    -Strong Design: Dryers are a heavy duty structure with panels that are protected by an epoxy polyester powder coating.

    • Energy efficient cycling control system saves

    • 30-80% over a non-cycling dryer
    • Cycling prevents freezing fo the heat exchanger
    • during off peak operation
    • Unit maintains a constant 38 ° F dew point at the
    • Outlet, despite inlet flow and temp variations
    • Accepts inlet air temps up to 158 ° F and inlet
    • Pressures up to 230 PSI
    • Compact design minimizes floor space needed to install dryer


    • Cycling Dryer for Energy Efficiency
    • FTP Bulkhead Air Pipe Fittings
    • On/Off Switch with Multi-Function Display
    • Microprocessor Based Controller
    • Automatic Timer Drain (w/ manual override)
    • 25 scfm


    • Maximum work 230 psig
    • Port sizes from ½â€ to 4”
    • Maximum Temp: 158 ° F
    • Pressure Dew Point: 38 ° F


    • Air is a Constant 38 ° F Dew Point at Dryer
    • Constant Quality of Drier Air to Your System
    • Compact Size, for an Easy Fit
    • Low Maintenance, Long Life Design

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