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Prior to Cure Mil Thickness Reader

Prior to Cure Mil Thickness Reader

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Measuring powder in the pre-cured, pre-gelled state helps insure correct cured film thickness. It enables the application system to be set up and fine-tuned prior to curing. In turn, this will reduce the amount of scrap and over-spray. Accurate predictions help avoid stripping and re-coating which can cause problems with adhesion and coating integrity. The comb is dragged through the uncured powder and powder height is considered to be a range value between the highest numbered tooth that made a mark and has powder clinging to it, and the next highest tooth that left no mark and has no powder clinging to it. These gages have an accuracy of ±5 µm . They are only suitable as a guide since the cured film may be different after flow. Marks left by the gage may affect the characteristics of the cured film.

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