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Powder Hose Cleaners, 5/8" Diameter (Pack Of 50)

Powder Hose Cleaners, 5/8" Diameter (Pack Of 50)

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Pack of 50 Hose Cleaners

5/8" Diameter Hose Cleaners will clean 1/2" powder hose.

Hose Cleaners can save as much as 50% of your time when switching between colors. Compressed air forces the Polyethylene foam hose cleaner through the hose in seconds. The textured exterior of the Hose Cleaner picks up powder from the hose walls leaving them smooth and clean.

Benefits Of Hose Cleaners

  • Increased productivity by reducing time between color changeover.
  • More time spent coating and less time cleaning.
  • Eliminate color contamination rejects.

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