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Polycarbonate Deflashing Media 80

Polycarbonate Deflashing Media 80

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Polycarbonate Deflashing Media 80

Maxi-Strength/Cylindrical Plastic/Blast Cleaning Media.

  • Packaging - 55 Pound Boxes

  • Inches- .080 x .080 x .113 (diagonal)


  • Non-abrasive, cylindrical design provides excellent deflashing results on thermoset parts

    and excellent deburring characteristics on machined die-cast parts.

  • Polycarbonate media is economical; ideal for replacing agricultural media while reducing

    finishing costs.

  • Polycarbonate media is clean and dust free creating a healthier and safer work environment.

  • Special compounding results in longevity and cost savings.

  • High-density composition leaves no residue and eliminates costly post cleaning operations.

  • Exact sizing eliminates lodging in slots and holes and lowers inspection expenses.

  • Is used effectively in both air-blast and wheel blast machinery eliminating the

    need to stock different media.

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