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Multiblast Medium Grade Granulated Plastic Blast Media 16/20

Multiblast Medium Grade Granulated Plastic Blast Media 16/20

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MULTI-BLAST 16/20 Medium grade Granulated Plastic Blast Cleaning Media

  • Sieve Size- 16/20

  • Inches- .047- .033


  1. Approved under Mil-P 85891A Military specification for plastic blast cleaning media.

  2. Produces far less dust than walnut shells allowing for a clean, easily visible work atmosphere.

  3. Properly used, will not abrade or warp sensitive surfaces, allowing parts to be salvaged and money saved.

  4. Deburrs and deflashes aluminum, zinc, and magnesium parts without damaging part surfaces or altering critical tolerances.

  5. Sharp, granular edges produce quick cleaning action in less time, saving money.

  6. All media is non-toxic and produces no silicosis hazards contributing to a safer work environment.

  7. Can be used in air and wheel-blast equipment, eliminating the need to acquire new equipment in most cases.


  1. Depainting airfumes and aircraft components.

  2. Cleaning aluminum and steel molds in rubber and plastics industry.

  3. Depainting automobile bodies, boat surfaces, and components.

  4. Depainting vacuum-metallized part rejects.

  5. Deburring machined parts.

  6. Deflashing electronic components.

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