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Liquid 2 Powder - Pint

Liquid 2 Powder - Pint

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Liquid 2 Powder (1 Pint)


This new product allows you to powder coat nontraditional substrates such as wood, plastic, ceramics, foam, etc. Using this product, you can also easily apply graphics and other custom designs or artwork via powder coat in a precise and detailed manner. This product offers ultimate versatility for powder coating as the powder solution can be sprayed on with an airbrush, HVLP gun, or brushed on like a normal liquid paint and then cured like a traditional powder coat leaving a very durable and smooth finish behind.





    • Initial prep is simple, equipment needed to apply is minimal, and an airbrush works just fine. If you are using a HVLP gun, the nozzle (tip) must be 2.4mm or higher.


    • Mix any color or type of powder coat with the liquid 2 powder solution by weight 50/50 (Ex: if you have 1/2lb of powder, you must mix it with a 1/2lb of liquid).


    • You want the solution to be thick enough to flow out smooth, however, if it is too thick or does not spray well then you may add distilled water to thin your powder/liquid solution out.


    • You must let the paint fully air dry before curing or it will outgas. Once the coating is fully air dried, follow the recommended cure schedule for the powder coat base. Cure temperatures will range from 300F to 450F depending on the particular powder used.








Disclaimer: Powder Buy the Pound does not guarantee the color you see on your screen in your powder-coated jobs. Colors may vary from the actual product due to your screen resolution, viewing device and other settings outside our control. It is strongly recommended that you powder coat a sample, before applying the powder on your actual job.

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