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Hi-Temp Lab Metal Filler - 14 oz

Hi-Temp Lab Metal Filler - 14 oz

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Easy to use

Hi-Temp Lab-metal is applied directly from the can with a putty knife or similar tool. No two-component mixing or measuring is necessary. Many applications may be made from a single can. After each use, to prevent Hi-Temp Lab-metal from hardening in the can, pour a small amount of Lab-solvent over the remaining Hi-Temp Lab-metal contents, then cover tightly. (Stir the solvent into the Hi-Temp Lab-metal upon opening container). Good for temperatures up to 1000F.


Hi-Temp Lab-metal adheres permanently to any clean and dry metal, wood, hard plastic, glass, plaster, or porcelain surface. Its strong bond withstands vibration and other difficult conditions. Once hardened ground, filed, and sanded to a smooth finish. Hi-Temp Lab-metal is impervious to the attack of rust, rot, and mildew. It is not affected by varying climatic conditions, and the hardened metal can be coated with powder or liquid coatings.


Hi-Temp Lab-metal must be stirred thoroughly before use. No additive is needed; the repair compound hardens upon exposure to air. The viscous, easily Labsolvent. The application surface must be clean and dry; free of paint, oil and dirt. Roughen the surface for superior adhesion.


Hi-Temp Lab-metal may be applied with a putty knife, spatula, trowel, caulking gun, or rubber squeegee. When filling deep holes or cavities, the putty should be applied in thin layers, less than 1/4" thick. Allow each layer to dry for at least 24 hours at room temperature, and heat harden prior to each additional coat. To apply Hi-Temp Lab-metal with a paint brush, it must be thinned to paint consistency with Lab-solvent, then applied with light brush strokes -- not worked over as with paint. Dip the brush into Lab-solvent periodically to keep the bristles free and prevent clogging.

Drying time

Depth of application determines drying time; hardening occurs by exposure to air. Apply no thicker than 1/4 inch per application. The application must air dry for at least 24 hours, or until the product has hardened to a metal state. It must then be heat cured (before applying a second coat). To heat cure: After fully hardened,Hi-Temp Labmetal must be heat hardened by exposing it to a temperature of 425 ºF for one hour.(The curing process may be achieved by a more gradual “heat-up”, as in the repair of an industrial oven. In this case, as the oven is heating, the Hi-Temp Lab-metal repair is curing.) Heat hardening must be completed prior to powder coating.

How to determine which product to use for high temperature applications

  • For powder coating processes at temperatures less than 350 ºF,Lab-metal may be used (even for multiple oven passes).

  • For powder coating processes in which the metal parts will never be subject to temperatures higher than 425 ºF, for durations no longer than 20 minutes, for no more than one oven pass, Lab-meta may be used.

  • Hi-Temp Lab-metal must be used in powder coating processes running at temperatures above 425 ºF.

  • Hi-Temp Lab-metal must be used if a part is to be exposed to temperatures above 350 ºF for more than 20 minutes in duration (or multiple high-heat exposures).

  • Hi-Temp Lab-metal must be applied in thin layers and allowed to air dry for at least 24 hours, then heat cured as instructed on the label. If Hi-Temp Labmetal is not completely dry when subject to heat, and if the product is not properly heat hardened, outgassing or bubbling may occur.

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