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Feed Air Control Pedal

Feed Air Control Pedal

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The Feed Air Control Pedal by SpectraCoat will allow users to stop the flow of the feed air with the use of a convenient foot operated valve so there are no electrical connections needed. This can be helpful when selecting the KV setting on you controller, the foot valve can be pressed to stop the powder flow to eliminate wasted powder while setting up your system. Our Feed Air Control Pedal can also be used in fluidizing hopper application to stop the feed air to your powder pump allowing the dosage air to clean out your powder tube eliminating the puff of powder when the trigger is pressed for the first time.

These are designed to be plug and play with all SpectraCoat powder coating systems. They can be adapted for use with Gema, Wagner, Nordson and ANY other brand powder coating system, just tell us when ordering and we will install the correct fittings for your system.

Product Features:

  • Rubber Non Slip Base and Foot Step

  • Rugged Steel Construction to take the heaviest foot

  • Quick Release ¼” Air Line Input and Output connectors

  • Two ¼” Red Feed Air Lines

1 Year Warranty

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