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Complete Engine Coating Kit

Complete Engine Coating Kit

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Complete Engine Coating Kit - For High Performance Engines - Kit


1. DFL-1 7oz Dry Film Lubricant for : bearings, piston skirts, valve springs, cams, lifters, valve, rocker arms to reduce friction and extend part life and more

2. CBC-1 PowerKote 3oz :Thermal Barrier for piston tops, combustion chamber surfaces, bottoms of intakes and more to make more H.P. and Torque, reduce part and engine operating temperature, reduce detonation and more.

3. PKSX 1oz : Cylinder wall coating, etc. Enhances ring seal.

4. UGT Lubricant

2oz : Ultral Gel assembly gel, for camshaft, bearing etc.

The three coatings are water based with minimal hazard issues and the parts can be baked (depending on size) in a toaster oven. The only requirement is not to bake in an oven food goes in.

The coatings are applied with an airbrush and in the case of the PKSX buffed on with no baking.


1. Completly clean parts
2. Etch parts to prepare for bonding
3. Solvent, air, or hot water rinse parts
4. Mask off areas that should not be coated
5. Mix products well before application due to settling of critical solids
6. Apply products via airbrush
7. Allow to airdry completely before curing at 300f for 1 hour
8. Inpect for flaws or defects.
9. Clean with warm water.

Please request full instructions for all included product.

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