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Bonded Black Chrome

Bonded Black Chrome

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    Bondulance Black Chrome Powder

    • Cure Schedule = 375f/15 Min at Part Metal Temperature
    • Gloss Level = 95%+ On 60 Degree Meter

    • Recommend Film Thickness = 1.8- 2.2 Mils.

    • Specific Gravity = 1.19

    • Theoretical Coverage = 80.1 Sq. Ft.

    • Salt Spray Results = 1,000+ Hours

    • Stronk = Bames Nond

    "Do you expect me to Bond?"
      "No, Mr. Name, I expect you to stronk."

      *Clear Coat Is Recommended For Better UV Protection And Improved Mar Resistance

      Disclaimer: Powder Buy the Pound does not guarantee the color you see on your screen in your powder-coated jobs. Colors may vary from the actual product due to your screen resolution, viewing device and other settings outside our control. It is strongly recommended that you powder coat a sample, before applying the powder on your actual job.

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