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1 Shot Black Gloss Ceramic Coating 4oz

1 Shot Black Gloss Ceramic Coating 4oz

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High Heat Ceramic Gloss Black - Will Withstand Temperatures Up To 2000f - Passes 6500+ Hour Salt Spray Test ~ 3-5 Year Shelf Life

Instructions On Use:

1. Follow normal ceramic prep procedures.

2. Prior to spraying blast with Black Beauty, Aluminum Oxide, or sand for prep (DO NOT USE GLASS BEAD).

3. Wipe down thoroughly with acetone or MEK only and let evaporate completely. Do not use chemical degreasers/phosphatizers.

4. Place in oven at 450F for 1 hr, remove and let cool.

5. Apply coating with airbrush or .6-.8mm tip touch up gun. This should be done at 35-40 lbs of air pressure.

6. Let parts air dry 30-60 minutes.

7. Cure in oven at 450F - 500F for 1 hr. This is a partial cure at 450-500F that will allow the part to be handled for installation. Do not place parts in an already heated oven to cure because it will cause solvent pop.

8. Once parts are installed, take vehicle for a light drive allowing the engine to get up to operating temp for at least 1 hour. The heat from the engine will finish curing the parts at 750F or higher.


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