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1/4" Polyimide Silicone Masking Tape

1/4" Polyimide Silicone Masking Tape

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1/4" X 36 YDS 2 mil Polyimide Silicone Tape 600F. Superior Tear and Puncture Resistence For Masking Uneven Surfaces.


Adhesive: Silicone based, pressure-sensitive adhesive system
Excellent resistance to heat, shrinking, abrasion and solvents
Clean removal, no residue

Masking 101 Helpful Hints:

Push down hard! This is a pressure sensitive adhesive tape - pressure is required for it to adhere properly to parts
Clean parts thoroughly before applying tape
Apply tape to dry surfaces only
Use paper or aluminum foil to cover a large surface area; tape edges down
Tape is for intermittent, one-time use only
Store rolls on end in a cool, dry place

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