The History of RAL's

The History of RAL's

How low can you go? That's exactly what we asked ourselves when brainstorming all the ways in which we could better benefit our customers this summer. They say to be big, you must be bold. So it is with extreme elation that we've made the audacious decision to lower the price of every single RAL color in our collection.To further celebrate this recent announcement, we decided to dedicate this weeks blog post to the entire history of the RAL system.

It all began in Germany in the year of 1925. The first World War was long over but the country and it's economy continued to suffer for many years to come from the loss. With revolutions, hyperinflation and a brewing Depression, Germany was on the brink of pandemonium. In a time full of turmoil, disorder and uncertainty, it's only natural that the people would crave organization and structure. A committee was formed that focused on bringing order to multiple facets within the country through color code. The name RAL actually derives from this committee who in fact created the color system in 1927, Reichs - Ausschub fur Lieferbedingungen. A quick Google translate will tell you that this translates to the National Commission for Delivery Terms and Quality Assurance. The RAL's main goal was to improve communication between industries using signature paint colors that had a number code associated with them.This was beneficial across multiple industries like automotive engineering, roadway safety, manufacturing, architecture, etc. These paint codes brought uniformity and structure to Germany at a time when it was most needed while trying to rebuild and stabilize their country.

A system that now has over 2,500 different colors began with just 40. Through the years many colors were added to the RAL Classic system but it wasn't until many decades later in 1993 that the system got an expansive addition with it's unveiling of a new collection. Dedicated solely to designers, architects and marketing, this collection was called RAL Design. A few years after this the next collection to be introduced was the RAL Digital Collection. Although this is how most things are done today, in the 90's it was extremely innovative to have an online portal where people could obtain a digital color catalog. The last collection to be added was the RAL Effect collection in 2007. This collection has a variety of shimmery metallic and flat matte's but what makes it really unique is that it's the first RAL collection to ever use aqueous powder coat which is a water based powder coat. One of the bigger benefits from the water based powder coat is it's quick dry time. It is also very environmentally friendly, like most powder coats today.

 According to, as of 2019 RAL's can be found on every single continent and are distributed to over 150 different countries. Some of the more recent additions to the RAL Classic collection include the colors RAL Orange 2017 and Clean Room White 9012, which can both be found right here at Powder Buy the Pound! We are very proud of our vast RAL selection that we have to offer our customers, especially some of the rarer colors we've been able to obtain. In the Classic Collection there are eight special edition colors that make up what RAL calls their Luminous Series. Powder Buy The Pound is the only powder coating distributor in all of North America to sell four of these special luminous editions. The four colors include shades 1026 Luminous Yellow, 3028 Pure Red, 6037 Pure Green and 6038 Luminous Green. We also carry all 15 shades from their hard to find Pearl Series!

The RAL system is by far one of the most popular and well known color systems around the globe. It has aided powder coaters around the world for many decades and is known to be a true classic. Think of RAL paints as the Ole Reliable of all powder coat paints. They're very durable and easy to spray due to their nature of being a single stage process. They're consistent in finish and have excellent weather resistant qualities as well. It is because of all of these wonderful attributes and it being the most commonly used color system amongst our customers that we have decided to significantly lower our prices on all of our RAL's here at Powder Buy The Pound.

Now that we've covered all of the glory that is the RAL system, we have one more exciting announcement to make. As of 2022, the newest color to be added to the system is RAL 6039 Fibrous Green. We are happy to share that Powder Buy The Pound will be carrying this new zesty key lime shade of green within the next few weeks. So keep your eye out for this new release and many more new things to come at!

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