Powder Coating Training Classes

Powder Coating Training Classes

Are you looking to expand your powder coating skills and take them to the next level?

At Powder Buy The Pound we offer two different hands-on training programs that will enable you to do just that. Lead by our extraordinary instructor, our engaging training classes offer a multitude of both new and time tested procedures that will help you to grow in your range of abilities when it comes to powder coating. 

Your class will cover everything from prep to finish, resulting in a whole new skill set or even honing your existing powder coating artistry to a razors edge. 

A few of the topics covered in your course include various application techniques, powder coating system management and maintenance, proper substrate preparation and curing, on the fly mitigation of issues, powder types, P/C shop set up, time management and preventive techniques that will help you to avoid problematic situations in the first place. 

Wondering which course is the right fit for you?

The distinct differences between the two classes boil down mostly to our student's level of post course application. Your two day course will focus on the basics with focus on specific application, be that the hobbyist who enjoys making smaller projects for themselves and family, which might transform into a weekend PC warrior selling travel mugs at the Friday nights tailgate. To someone who is going directly into the production side of coating. The two day class is application focused and application driven. 

The four day course is geared more towards those who may be PC veterans and want to increase the size of their hold in their existing skills and better their powder coating strategies, be that work flow, equipment upgrading, over all process handling of materials. Or it may be someone is planning to have every type of job come through the door and they want to be prepared for any eventuality by having hands on experience using every type of powder imaginable.   

Both courses have a hands-on approach to learning that allows students to experiment with their creativity inside the classroom. Students are also encouraged to bring in some sort of project they would like to work on while learning. Because we want each of our students to have plenty of time to experiment and learn, we keep our classes to a four person maximum with the exception of larger groups sent from the same company.

Our classes are a great opportunity to learn and grow in large leaps and bounds, but a big part of what makes the courses so notable is our well accredited instructor himself. With his extensive knowledge in powder coating and twenty-two years of experience in teaching, our instructor has a special way of reaching his students through his own shared passion for learning and powder coat. He creates a fun and inviting environment for students to learn as well as exercise their invitational thinking and creativity. 

Whether you are in the powder coating industry and want to increase the value of your company or just have a passion for powder coating itself, we highly recommend you come join us!

Classes are held Monday-Thursday from 8:45 AM - 3:30 PM. You can reach us at 615-776-7611 for scheduling and recommended accommodations. We are located in Nolensville, TN which is about 25-30 minutes outside of Nashville, so don't forget to make some fun weekend plans and check out all of what Nashville has to offer while visiting.

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